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23 January 2017 Website update: Added specs and manual/schematics for the original MX-6.
18 June 2016 Caitlyn Martin, K9NI, is once again the primary moderator of the reflector. Website restored to operation at www.mizuhoradio.org. Main and purchasing pages updated with current information.
26 August 2007 Website update: Added internal photo of KX-2 Sky Coupler and expanded description.
22 March 2007 Bill Ruppert, W9WCR, has taken over primary responsibility for moderation of the Mizuho reflector. Website updates:
  • Purchasing page updated to reflect current situation.
  • Added photo and specifications for SX-3 preselctor to the accessories page (thanks to K5MO).
10 July 2006 Website updates:
  • Added Mr. Takada's explanation of the Mizuho name in translation to the main page
  • Added descriptions and photos (where available) of the AN series antennas, PM-1, and PS-2 to the accessories page.
  • Added AN-3.5, AN-7, AN-18, and AN-21 data sheets
  • Added SB-2X schematic
22 June 2006 Website update: Added new photos of the SB-8X.
18 April 2006 Website updates: Added a page for the original MX-6 Pico transceiver and added an additional photo of the SB-21.
4 April 2006 Website updates: Added manual with schematics for the Dentron MLX-Mini (thanks to K5MO), schematic and block diagrams for the MX-24S (thanks to JJ0JIH/KH7L), Japanese manual for the SB-2X with partial English translation (thanks to JL1KRA), and block diagrams for the SB-8X.
2 March 2006 Website updates: Added limited information on the P-7. Added manual for the SX-3 preselector. (Thanks to K5MO.)
26 July 2005 Website updates: Added detailed description and specifications for the SB-8X.
30 January 2005 Website updates: A rewritten version of the home page with many updates including additional and corrected links was posted. The translation of the Mizuho factory closing was added. The Factory Tour page was updated to reflect the closing of the factory.
25 January 2005 Rodney Tom, KH7L, reported that Mr. Takada is now fully retired and will just do repairs. All Mizuho now makes are the AM broadcast kit receivers. This is mainly due to the lack of available parts for the radios.
20 November 2004 Hideyuki Ozaki, JE1RYH, reported that Mizuho will be closing it's factory permanently as of December, 2004. The announcement in Japanese is here. Yuki's translation is posted here. Mizuho will continue to offer simple kits and Mr. Takada will still perform repairs on existing Mizuho equipment, operating out of his basement. While this news saddens us greatly we wish Mr. Takada a long and happy retirement.
22 August 2004 Rodney Tom, KH7L, reported that Mizuho had introduced a new portable QRP antenna, model X-7, at Tokyo Hamfair 2004. Picture above courtesy of KH7L.
2 August 2004 Rodney Tom, KH7L, announced the new Mizuho website at http://www.mizuhotsushin.com to the reflector.
8 June 2004 Website updates: Added new page for the MX-2R and assorted new photos.
1 June 2004 Website updates: Added new page for the SB-8X. Replaced CW-2S schematic PDF file. Added MX-7S owners manual. Updated Purchasing page and MX Series main page and added new photos to site.
23 April 2004 Rodney Tom, KH7L, reports that the Mizuho PP-7 mini paddles are back in production.
14 September 2003 Website updates: Added new pages for the SB Series transceivers, added KX-HF3 antenna coupler, updated links, and added additional photos to site.
8 August 2003 Junichi Nakajima, JL1KRA, reports that Nishi Musen have discontinued at least some of their amateur radio products.
Website updates: Added new pages for the MX-606D and posted the KX-2 Sky Coupler manual. A large number of manuals and schematics were restored to the site in June and July.
9 May 2003 Website updates: Added new pages for DC-7D, DC-701, DC-7X, and MK-610. Updated links. Updated amplifier page to include LA series.
18 April 2003 Rodney Tom, JJ0JIH/1, reported that Santec has no plans to produce any more MX-6S, MX-7S, or MX-21S handhelds. After 22 years the Pico transceivers (MX series handhelds) are finally discontinued.
18 April 2003 Rodney Tom, JJ0JIH/1, also reports delays in Santec manufacturing custom crystals for Mizuho rigs. with orders taking as long as 60 days to fill.
12 April 2003 We have a new URL: http://www.mizuhoradio.com and have moved the reflector to Yahoo! Groups.