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Mizuho MX-6 top view

The MX-6 was introduced in October, 1981 and was the very first Mizuho SSB/CW HT. All their HF and VHF Pico transceivers (HTs) are derivative of the MX-6 design. This model was replaced by the MX-6Z in August, 1982 and was never sold outside of Japan. The original MX-6 is considered quite rare. It was offered in kit form as the MX-6K.

Mizuho MX-6 front view Ouput power of the MX-6 was 250mW SSB/CW. This model had a screw in telescopic antenna and a mini phono plug for an external antenna input. While there is a headphone jack on the top of the unit there was no allowance for an external speaker/mic. The MX-6 runs on either a 9V battery or 6 AAA cells, alkaline or rechargable. An internal charging circuit was included for NiCad batteries, a feature which was dropped in the MX-6Z but reinstated in the later MX-6S.

MX-6 internal viewThe MX-6 also uses the 11.2735MHz IF that was reinrtoduced in the MX-6S and all the later Pico transceivers. As a result the MX-6 does use exactly the same crustals as the MX-6S, FX-6, and MX-606D transceivers. All other early 250mW Mizuho Pico transceivers, including the MX-6Z, use a 7.7975 IF and require different crystals.


Operating modes: A3J (SSB), A1 (CW)
Maximum Output Power: 250mW
Spurious Output: Greater than 40dB down
Sideband Supression: Greater than 40dB
Receiver Sensitivity: Less than 0.5µV for 15dB S/N
Frequency Tuning Range: Maximum +50kHz per channel
No. of Channels: 2
Power consumption: 32mA at Receive (no signal); 120mA at Transmit
Stability: ±100Hz/30 Minutes at 25°C
Size: 1½"(D) x 2 5/8"(W) x 5 5/8"(H) without knob
       39mm (D) x 66mm (W) x 138mm (H)
Weight: 15 oz. (430g) without battery

Manual (in Japanese) and schematic (PDF format)

-Last updated 23 January 2017