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Mizuho MX-15, VX-15 external VFO, and PL-15 amplifier Specifications:

Operating modes: A3J (SSB), A1 (CW)
Maximum Output Power: 300mW
Spurious Output: Greater than 40dB down
Sideband Supression: Greater than 40dB
Receiver Sensitivity: Less than 0.5µV for 15dB S/N
Frequency Tuning Range: Maximum +50kHz per channel
No. of Channels: 2
Power consumption: 40mA at Receive (no signal); 180mA at Transmit
Stability: ±100Hz/30 Minutes at 25°C
Size: 1½"(D) x 2 5/8"(W) x 5 5/8"(H) without knob
       39mm (D) x 66mm (W) x 142mm (H)
Weight: 13 oz. (500g) without battery

The VX-15 external VXO (pictured, top) is an accessory unique to this model, and offers the ability to change crystal ranges externally, thus providing full band coverage if one has all the necessary crystals. The matching PL-15 5W linear amplifier is also pictured.

Schematic and Block Diagrams (PDF format)

MX-15 full set photo courtesy of Rodney Tom, KH7L/JJ0JIH

-Last updated 7/9/2003