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Most Mizuho transceivers and many accessories were available as kits Indeed, if you look at the MX-2 and MX-6Z manual you will see assembly instructions as this is, in fact, the manual for the kit version of those transceivers. This page is devoted to products that are or were sold exclusively as kits and are not included on other pages on this website.

QP Series CW Transmitters

Mizuho offers two QRP CW transmitter boards, the QP-7 for 40 meters and the QP-21 for 15 meters. They previously also offered the QP-10 for 30 meters and the QP-50 for 6 meters, but those kits have been discontinued. These inexpensive kits still sell for about $25. These are crystal controlled tramsmitters, however a VFO kit for the QP-7 (model VFO-7D) was offered at one time.

Additional information will be added in the near future. Several web sites dedicated to the QP (Rose Garden) kits are included on our links page.

QP-7 and QP-21 Assembly Manual (PDF format)

QP series manual English language translation courtesy of Junichi Nakajima, JL1KRA.

-Last updated 11/21/2002