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Mizuho MX-14S 20M SSB/CW HTThis page is for members of the Mizuho reflector to show their various and sundry rigs and operations with their Mizuho equipment. At left is an an MX-14S with a very expensive bright red groundplane, which happens to belong to Carl, GW0TQM. Mizuho 20m mobile, anyone?

Mizuho MX-14S 20M SSB/CW HTCarl visited Sevilla, Spain, and naturally his MX-14S had to make the trip as well. "The high up picture was taken from my hotel room in Seville, Spain - shows the MX perched on the edge of a table and the whip on a die cast box (not visible) out of the window-I had just worked EA6/HB9OX/QRP who was on holiday in the Balearic islands..."

More photos coming soon!

-Last updated 3/19/2002