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Mizuho DC-7X

The Mizuho DC-7X is a late '70s CW 40 meter monoband transceiver featuring a direct conversion receiver. The radio is VFO controlled, covering 7.000-7.150 MHz. It is powered by eight AA cell batteriers which fit inside the rig or it can also run on 12V external DC. The radio was a major step forward from the earlier DC-7D. An RF attenuator and a receiver preselector were added to the rig. The receiver of the DC-7X did not hum when run on external power unlike it's predecessors. Receive audio is stronger and also improved. Output power was increased to 2W with this model. The rig was still quite spartan. The RIT was the same as on the DC-7D. By this time Mizuho had abandoned the distinctive olive green color, and they also no longer offered a built-in key. The DC-7X was sold both in kit form and factory wired and tested. The radio was not sold in North America and is extremely rare outside of Japan, though less rare than the earlier DC-7 and DC-7D versions. This rig was replaced by the TRX-100 around 1980.


Frequency Coverage:
Frequency Control: VFO
RIT: ±2.5kHz
Antenna: 50 Ohms unbalanced, SO-239 connector
Power requirements: 12-13.5VDC
Power consumption: max. 1A transmit
Size: 173mm(D) x 202mm(W) x 65mm(H)
Weight: 1.9kg
Operating mode: A1 (CW)
Maximum Output Power: 2W

DC-7X schematic and block diagrams (PDF format).

-Last updated 2/27/2005