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Mizuho DC-701

The Mizuho DC-701 is an early to mid '70s triband CW transceiver featuring a direct conversion reeiver. The radio is VFO controlled, covering the CW portion of the 15, 20, and 40 meter amateur bands. Ouput power is 1W key doen. It is powered either by internal C cell batteries which fits inside the rig, or it can also run on 9-12V external DC. Mizuho reflector members report hum in the receiver audio when using early DC series rigs (DC-7D and DC-701), so operation on battery power is generally advised. The rig was quite spartan, but it did include RIT and an innovative single lever paddle built right onto the front of the radio. The paddle is lager and somewhat easier to use than the one on the DC-7D monoband 40m rig. The DC-701 was sold both in kit form and factory wired and tested. The radio was not sold in North America and is extremely rare outside of Japan, and somewhat rare in Japan, expecially in good condition.

Complete specifications, manuals, and schematics will be posted shortly.

-Last updated 5/7/2003