Mizuho Factory Closing Announcement (translated)

Mizuho Factory Closing Announcement (translated)

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This translation of the announcement in Japanese of the Mizuho factory closing was posted by Hideyuki Ozaki, JE1RYH, to the Mizuho reflector on November 20, 2004. Our thanks to Yuki for providing this news.

News of factory closing

In December 2004, we'll be closing our factory and migrating into single office. With this move, we'll stop mass-production (our lot has been 100 to 200 units per production) and concentrating for personal and simple products, such ad RX-123D, a radio kit for elementary school kitds, amateur radio parts, and simple loop antennas. We hope your continueing support to us. We have transfered the production of Pico-Morse and PP-7 keyer to GHD keyer Inc.

Our new office addres is as follows (Tel and Fax numbers remain the same).

2-8-6, Morino, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0022